How did a Leading Lubricant Manufacturer Solve Rust Issues in Hydro Testing for a Multinational?

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A Mumbai-based specialty lubricant manufacturer with a state-of-the-art plant and R&D center in Palghar, recognized as a leader in the innovation, formulation, and manufacturing of specialty lubricants, with proven experience in product development and deep technical knowledge on the application side, adds significant value to its customers' processes.


A leading multinational specializing in steam engineering, valves, and control instrumentation had a problem during hydro testing of their valves. The hydro test is conducted by filling the valves which may be dyed to aid in visually checking for leak detection as well as pressure loss. This test also maintains safety standards and the durability of the valve over time. The major challenge was to prevent rust and corrosion after hydro-testing without any additional use of conventional oil-based rust preventive.

Problem Statement

The customer, a leading multinational specializing in steam engineering, valves, and control instrumentation, encountered significant rusting issues during the hydro testing of their valves. Hydro testing, an essential procedure for ensuring the safety and durability of valves, involves filling the valves with water, sometimes dyed for enhanced leak detection and visual inspection. This process, while critical, exposed the valves to conditions that led to rusting, compromising the integrity and performance of the components.

To mitigate this rusting, the customer resorted to using conventional rust preventive post-hydro testing. However, this additional step was both time-consuming and costly, impacting overall operational efficiency. The reliance on traditional oil-based rust preventives also posed environmental concerns, as these substances are not eco-friendly and require careful handling and disposal.

The challenge was clear: the customer needed a solution that would prevent rust and corrosion during and after hydro testing without the need for supplementary conventional rust preventives.

Client’s Requirement

The client required a solution that offered excellent resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting protection for their equipment. Additionally, they needed a water-soluble lubricating fluid that could easily integrate into their existing processes without leaving harmful residues. The solution needed to be both effective in corrosion prevention and environmentally sustainable, aligning with the company’s commitment to operational efficiency and eco-friendly practices.


Several key solutions were recommended to address the client's pain points.


The rust preventive and lubricating fluid was added to the water in a 10% concentration and the hydro testing was done using this solution. No rusting in the water-wetting areas for a stipulated period was observed.

As a result of implementing the innovative and environmentally friendly solution, the client noticed a significant improvement in their operations. They were highly satisfied with the elimination of corrosion after hydro-testing, achieving this without the need for an additional oil-based rust preventive. This not only streamlined their processes but also enhanced efficiency and sustainability, demonstrating the effectiveness of our high-performance lubricant.

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